IFI Events

Upcoming Events

12th AO GEO Symposium

Canberra, Australia


August 17-19 2020, Iowa, USA

Past Events

11th GEOSS Asia-Pacific Symposium

October 24-26 2018, Kyoto, Japan

High-Level Political Forum 2018

July 9-18 2018, New York, USA

23rd UNESCO-IHP Intergovernmental Council

June 11-15 2018, Paris, France

IFI Session of World BOSAI Forum

November 28 2017, Sendai, Japan

IFI Session of ICFM7

September 8 2017, Leeds, UK

Implementation Planning Workshop on IFI in Asia-Pacific7

January 10 2017, Tokyo, Japan

IFI Side Event of HELP Meeting

October 31 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia