IFI Administration

The International Flood Initiative (IFI) is consisted of the Advisory Committee (IFI-AC), Management Committee (IFI-MC) and Secretariat.

The IFI Advisory Committee (IFI-AC)

In order to provide effective coordination at the international level, an IFI Advisory Committee (IFI-AC) has been established, which is comprised of elected representatives of the UNESCO-IHP, the WMO, UNU and UNISDR. The Director of ICHARM will act as its Secretary and provide support services to the Committee. IFI-AC members will report to their respective constituent bodies. The constitution and the terms of reference of the Advisory Committee are outlined below:

• Representative of the UNESCO-IHP

• Representative of the WMO

• Representative of UNISDR

• Representative of UNU

• Representative of ICHARM and Secretarial support 

Terms of References

• Provide a forum for the identification of the activities of the  participating organizations that will comprise IFI

• Guide the integration of these activities in a manner that reflects the principles of IFI

• Identify gaps and future requirements in relation to the objectives of IFI

• Make recommendations to the participating organizations on additional activities that should be considered to be undertaken by those organizations

• Review and report back to their respective constituent bodies on the effectiveness of IFI against the agreed performance indicators

The IFI Management Committee (IFI-MC)

The Management Committee (IFI-MC) consists of representatives from the secretariats of the constituent organizations, as well as representatives of the scientific community participating in the initiative, including IAHS, IAHR, IIASA, river basin commissions, civil society, the private sector and the insurance industry, to jointly implement the flood management agenda and action plans. The constitution and the terms of reference of the Management Committee can be found in the following. The Management Committee will support the Advisory Committee (IFI-AC). The Committees will meet concurrently.

Terms of References: Manage the implementation of the activities under IFI.

•  Representative of the UNESCO-IHP Secretariat

• Representative of the WMO Secretariat

• Representative of UNISDR Secretariat

• Representative of UNU

• Representative of ICHARM and secretarial support

• Representative of IAHS

• Representative of IAHR

• Representative of IIASA

• Representative of ICLR