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International Flood Initiative

International Flood Initiative (IFI) focuses on research, information networking, education and training, empowering communities and providing technical assistance and guidance. Please find more information here about the International Flood Initiative. You can also download IFI pamphlet (PDF, 843KB) and IFI introduction (PPT, 2.3MB or PDF, 800KB).

 News and Events:  IFI-home  

January 10, 2017:"Implementation Planning Workshop on International Flood Initiative (IFI) in Asia-Pacific" was held prior to "The 9th GEOSS Asia-Pacific Symposium" in Tokyo, Japan. More information is here.

June 13, 2016: UNESCO organized a side event “New Strategy for International Flood Initiative (IFI), A Challenge by Hydrology responding to Sendai Framework, SDGs and Paris Agreement” during the 22nd session of the Intergovernmental Council of the International Hydrological Programme (IHP-IC) at the UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France. The meeting celebrated the launch of a new IFI strategy (IFI strategy 2016-2022) and provided an opportunity to discuss its implementation. IFI is included in Theme 1 of the eighth IHP plan 2014-2021 and the strategy has been also posted as the IHP-IC document IHP/IC-XXII/Ref.5. You can see the drafted brief-note and pictures.

March 1, 2016: A session “Flood Session: Towards IFI-AP and GEO Water”, collaborated with Asia Water Cycle Initiative (AWCI) and Network of Asian River Basin Organizations (NARBO) during the Asia Water Cycle Symposium (AWCS2016) in Tokyo, Japan on 1-2 March 2016. This session was held in the context of the ICHARM’s 10th Anniversary. Following the reports from AWCI and NARBO member, ICHARM organized three parts: “3.2 Flood Early Warning System”, “3.3 Flood Disaster Risk Reduction” and “3.4 End-to-End Action Plan: IFI-AP deliberations”. The summary presentation is here with more information at AWCS2016 website.

December 18, 2015: ICHARM showed the ongoing IFI activities at the poster session during the 2015 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting in San Francisco, USA. Based on the output from the plenary session in Medan, Indonesia, October 2015, the IFI poster presented a proposed IFI strategy with a symposium "Asia Water Cycle Symposium" tentatively planned in Tokyo, Japan on 1-2 March 2016 to discuss a new mechanism in the Asia pacific region as one of the step forward for the Integrated Flood Management (IFM) in practice.

December 1, 2015: ICHARM showed the ongoing IFI activities at the poster session during the 5th World Engineering Conference and Convention (WECC2015) in Kyoto, Japan. A World Engineers’ Convention is held as a showcase to encourage advances in engineering and international exchange. WECC2015 aims to make a productive contribution to worldwide peace and socioeconomic progress. The IFI poster presented a proposed IFI strategy to a variety of engineers from the world to facilitate trans-disciplinary communication toward integrated approach for flood management.

October 21, 2015: a plenary session "Preparatory process for the international initiative on water and disaster in the Asia Pacific Region", collaborated with International Drought Initiative was organized during the international symposium on “Integrated Actions for Global Water and Environmental Sustainability” in conjunction with the 23rd IHP RSC meeting for Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Based on the valuable inputs from participants, Prof. Koike, Director of ICHARM summarized the session, emphasizing the practice for Integrated Flood Management (IFM) through sharing information and knowledge with data by practitioners. Financing mechanism and network mobilization of science and research would be also further discussed. (Session minutes and more)

April 15, 2015: the IFI Flagship Project results were presented by Dr. Maksym Gusyev on behalf of Dr. Anne Gädeke at the EGU General Assembly 2015, Session NH1.6 "Flood risk and uncertainty", see the presentation abstract at http://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU2015/EGU2015-11924.pdf. As one of the session outcomes, the IFI Flagship Project flood hazard assessment methodology, which is applicable across global, regional and local scales, can be a viable alternative to the event-based flood hazard mapping techniques such as HEC-RAS.

April 9-10, 2015: Dr. Maksym Gusyev visited BfG (Federal Institute of Hydrology), Germany, to demonstrate the Rhine River basin flood hazard maps produced in collaboration between ICHARM and BfG. These flood hazard maps represent an envelope of flood inundation extent for the entire Rhine river basin and provide important information for the flood risk management.

March 3, 2015: International Workshop in the Philippines on 24-26 February 2015
The international Workshop “Enhancing Resilience against Multi-hazards through Effective Mitigation Systems and Adaptation Strategies” was successfully held, organized by UNESCO Jakarta and the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical & Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA). Among the participants from the Philippines and the international of experts and academia, ICHARM supported the exchange of ideas and experiences to facilitate the IFI activities in Asia Pacific region. The critical linkages for the organizers UNESCO and PAGASA.

December 19, 2014: The first step for IFI flagship project
The first trial step for the IFI flagship project by ICHARM (Japan) and BfG (Federal Institute of Hydrology, Germany) was successfully completed. BfG sent a visiting scholar Dr. Anne Gädeke to ICHARM for three months. She calculated flood discharges for the Rhine river basin using the Block-wise TOP (BTOP) model. The methodology was tested and validated for its applicability in the Rhine to be in the next step extended to the flood hazard mapping in European river basins.

September 16, 2014: IFI session at ICFM6 in Sao Paulo. IFI_session_ICFM6 program and presentations.

August, 2014: IFI flagship project "To support benchmarking flood risk reduction at global, national and local levels" Road Map under the concept agreed in 2013.

September 12, 2013: UNESCO Strategic and High Level Meeting on Water Security and Cooperation, Nairobi 11-13 September 2013,  UNESCO Water Family picture.(Aide Memoire, Contact_List_UNESCO_WaterCentres).

July 29, 2012: IFI Website moved to a new server. We deeply apologized for the delay to update the website.

November 23, 2011: 5th International Conference on Flood Management (ICFM5) organized from 27 to 29 September. For more information please visit ICFM5 website.

February 8, 2011: The 2nd Announcement and Call for Abstracts of the 5th International Conference on Flood Management (ICFM5) has been published. On-line abstract submission has started. It is also possible to submit abstracts using off-line form. Please see the "Call for Paper" section or download the 2nd Announcement for further detail. ICFM5 will be held in Tsukuba, Japan on 27-29 September 2011. For more information please visit ICFM5 Website at: http://www.ifi-home.info/icfm-icharm/icfm5.html

May 7, 2010: The first announcement of the 5th International Conference on Flood Management (ICFM5) has been published. ICFM5 will be held in Tsukuba, Japan on 27-29 September 2011. For more information please visit ICFM5 Website at: http://www.ifi-home.info/icfm-icharm/icfm5.html

March 30, 2010: UNESCO intends to launch a series of publication on floods as a contribution to the joint International Flood Initiative (IFI). This will be a series of four books that are proposed under the joint title " Management of Water Related Disasters in a Changing Climate". The book will focus on climate modeling, hydrologic modeling, hydraulic modeling and disaster risk management.

March 26, 2010: IFI Action List is approved by IFI partners. Click here for more information.

March 2, 2010: IFI e-WS (January 4 to March 2, 2010) 
E-mails exchanging among the representatives of the IFI Advisory Committee members (UNESCO, WMO, UNU and UN/ISDR) from January 4th to March 2nd and an IFI net-meeting on 26 January. As this is the latest IFI meeting, please check here for detail information and outcomes: Meeting Report (PDF, 27 KB) and IFI Action List (PDF, 105 KB)

January 26, 2010: The Forth IFI Meeting (e-meeting using SKYPE, 26 January 2010). The forth meeting of the Advisory Committee of the International Flood Initiative (IFI) was held in the form of a net-meeting (e-conference) with nine representatives from UNESCO (IHP and IHE), WMO, UNU (ISP and EHS) and ICHARM on Tuesday, the 26th January 2010. This e-conference was held in conjunction with an ongoing IFI e-WS which ran from January 4 to March 2, 2010.  Please click here for more detail and the meeting's outcome.

March 1, 2010: The United Nations University Institute for Sustainability and Peace (UNU-ISP) is developing a web-tutorial to (a) Identify a number of topics and prepared web based information, links to existing tutorials, design new tutorials and (b) Develop / make available existing educational materials related to UNU courseware as web tutorials. UNESCO-IHE and ICHARM will also participate in the project. For more information please contact with info(at)ifi-home.info


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